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Real-Time Vulnerability MonitoringReal-Time Vulnerability MonitoringReal-Time Vulnerability Monitoring

Talaria provides continuous monitoring of your evolving external attack surface, enabling swift identification and resolution of high-impact security concerns. Avoid waiting for quarterly penetration tests or potential breaches to uncover vulnerabilities; Talaria offers instant visibility.

Talaria furnishes reproducible evidence of exploitability, streamlining the prioritization and mitigation efforts of security teams. Say goodbye to false positives - envision a world without them.

Talaria makes staying incredibly secure, beautifully simple.

Asset Insight Solution

Talaria identifies your attack surface assets and offers comprehensive, current asset data along with contextual information. Talaria boasts its own exclusive vulnerability database developed through years of real-world research.

Tailored Efficiency

Efficiently manage ongoing evaluations for a vast array of assets. Customize abilities to precisely match your organization's requirements.

Real-Time Asset Security

Your assets are continuously monitored in real-time, empowering your security teams to swiftly and efficiently counter security breaches. This minimizes attack impact and halts escalation.

Easy Team Management

Setting your team up on Talaria is a breeze. Just invite them from your dashboard, and they get a magic sign up link to quickly create their account.

Simply add your domain and instantly monitor all subdomains and applications.

Resource Discovery

Uncover all external resources, including unauthorized IT, overlooked infrastructure, and configuration errors.

Asset Security Automation

Automate the process of finding IT assets and consistently chart your organization's vulnerable points against external cyber threats.

Threat Discovery

Uncover concealed threats such as compromised credentials, references on the dark web, botnet activities, malware, and beyond, to enhance your organization's security.

Asset Weakness Assessment

Assess known assets for typical weaknesses and give them a risk rating to prioritize fixing.

Risk Mitigation Success

Mitigate risk and address issues to attain tangible outcomes for your security initiative.

Bug Bounty

Find all the low-hanging fruit for a more effective program.

Real-time notifications

Timely mitigation - Receiving real-time notifications about cybersecurity threats allows your team to take immediate action to mitigate potential risks. This can save valuable time and resources compared to manually monitoring systems and sifting through logs to identify potential threats.

Enhanced incident response - Real-time notifications provide your team with a head start in responding to incidents, allowing for swifter remediation and minimizing downtime. This means fewer disruptions for your users and reduced reputational damage for your organization.

Better risk management - With real-time threat intelligence, you can proactively identify emerging risks and stay ahead of potential attacks. By integrating these insights into your existing risk management framework, you can more effectively prioritize and address vulnerabilities, ultimately strengthening your organization's cybersecurity posture.

Team Management

Collaboration - Inviting team members to a dashboard with defined roles and invite links enables seamless collaboration and communication. This streamlines workflows and enhances productivity, eliminating the need for lengthy email exchanges or unnecessary meetings.

Efficient Access Control - Assigning roles to team members and controlling access via invite links ensures that sensitive data remains secure while still enabling necessary access. This granular approach to access control helps prevent unwanted modifications or exposure of critical information, protecting your business and your clients.

Simplified User Management - Managing team members' access to the dashboard through invite links and role assignments simplifies user management tasks. This reduces the administrative burden on IT staff, allowing them to focus on higher-priority tasks and ensuring that the right individuals have timely access to the tools they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Risk Detection, User-Friendly Tools, and Effortless Team Coordination

Full Customizability

Adjust the abilities of Talaria to match the specific requirements of your company

Products from Talaria Security Labs

Attack Surface Management

Uncover vulnerabilities before they're exploited. EASM meticulously scans and maps your digital footprint, identifying potential entry points for cyber threats. Gain a crystal-clear view of your attack surface, enabling proactive mitigation and reducing the chance of breaches.

Threat Intelligence

Real-time, actionable insights into emerging cyber threats, enabling proactive defense strategies. Stay steps ahead of hackers, safeguard your assets, and ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Fraud Protection

Discover, recognize, hinder harm, and safeguard against online deception. This includes methods to thwart both deceptive acts and the discovery of such acts. Fraud Protection services are employed to secure users online identities, halt automated bot actions, and stop fraudulent activities.

Digital Risk Protection

We keep a constant watch on domain names, databases for scams and phishing, ads, search outcomes, social media sites, and have specific tools to scan marketplaces, app stores, and messaging apps. We utilize words, patterns, and various ways to rank things.

Managed XDR

Detect dangers in real-time to facilitate instant response actions by gathering, connecting, and examining the extensive data produced by the different tools set up in your surroundings.

Business Email Protection

Easily keep an eye on your company's email security status using the customizable dashboard, or delve deeper into the specifics with more advanced analytics. Additionally, examine attachments and links, as well as analyze malware.

Bug Bounty Program Management

Talaria provides a full management service for the entire program lifecycle. This lets any company incorporate a Bug Bounty program into their existing vulnerability management procedures. They can use the same tools like ticketing systems and reporting mechanisms.

Cloud Security

Auditing security for cloud apps is distinct from regular checks. Third-party cloud systems usually have some security measures. Yet, various configurations in their consoles can create openings for breaches. At Talaria, we assess security by studying specific cloud components. We use tools and tests to find vulnerabilities.

Mobile App Assessment

App usage is rising daily, alongside frequent reports of new security vulnerabilities. To tackle this, our team will review apps per official standards. Our adaptable mobile app security check helps clients. We'll assess Android and iOS apps to spot and fix security problems endangering business and customer data.

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